XDEFI Wallet
ℹ️ About Creation / Restoration
Frequently Asked Questions related to wallet creation or restoration

How many wallets do I need?

It is technically possible to import several wallets from within the XDEFI Wallet
However, we recommend to manage as few wallets as possible, especially if you are not familiar yet with blockchain technologies.
This way you’ll only have to save and store one secret/seed phrase.
Please note that you can create several accounts from one wallet, each of them having its own deposit addresses and balances.

What is the difference between a Wallet and an Account?

A wallet has its own secret phrase (12-word list) and can be restored at any time in any wallet of any provider.
As mentioned earlier, it is possible to create multiple accounts within a single wallet, each of them having their own deposit addresses and balances.

Which hardware wallets does XDEFI Wallet support?

XDEFI Wallet
supports Ledger devices
for Bitcoin
, Ethereum
, Polygon
, Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
, Avalanche
, THORChain
and Terra
(soon the other available chains) and will also support TREZOR devices.