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FAQ about XDEFI Wallet
Frequently Asked Questions about XDEFI Wallet

What are XDEFI Wallet
's goals?

In a nutshell, we hope to expedite the process of moving toward a future where DeFi is the backbone of new financial paradigms, and where harnessing the power of chains and layers is a layer of simplicity that can only be deemed seamless. With that in mind, we have two key approaches to achieve this.
Delivering empowerment Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the promise of the decentralized web — Giving people control over their data, assets, and identity - all without involving a third party.
Focusing on user experience We consider user-generated feedback our lifeblood. We are committed to exceptional customer support and constant iteration based on the suggestions of our community members. We welcome your thoughts at every stage of our growth.

Is XDEFI Wallet
open source?

We are not open source at the moment.

How secure are you, have you had any audits?

The wallet is secure and yes we did, here are the available links :
Also note that we will have a new audit soon.

Do I have to give you control of my coins/tokens?

No, you are the sole owner and responsible for your crypto assets.
Remember that your coins or tokens are not stored in your wallet but on the blockchain, your wallet allows you to view and manage them.

What information does XDEFI Wallet
have access to?

XDEFI Wallet
does NOT store :
  • Your secret phrase
  • Your password
  • You recovery code
  • Any private information
You can read here our Privacy Policy.
You are in complete control of your information and your wallet, so please do keep your secret phrase safe!

You were in beta, what does that mean?

A beta version is a pre-release of an application that is given out to a large group of users to try it under real conditions.
Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are closer to the final product.
However, design changes, additions, modifications, or deletions of features and performance optimizations may be made.
Minor issues and/or bugs may still occur during beta's.

Where can I see your team?

You can see our team from our official website : https://www.xdefi.io/the-team

What makes XDEFI Wallet better than any other wallet?

In addition to being designed and created for a multi-chain world, for decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT's, XDEFI Wallet will integrate unique features (cross-swap, DeFi dashboard, ape mode etc.) and develop a whole ecosystem around the wallet.
Moreover, XDEFI Wallet places the community at the heart of its project by listening to its needs and feedback, thus offering a more organic development.
A problem? We offer the community live support 24/7 through our
Discord community server.

How can I get involved?

Helping other members of the DISCORD community by answering their questions is a good start.
Your willingness and goodwill should be quickly noticed.
If the team needs new moderators in the future, they may ask for your help.
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