XDEFI Wallet
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  • Nov 15th 14:00 UTC - IDO Opens
Whitelisted addresses will have 24 hours to participate at a fixed token price of US$0.65 per token.
  • Nov 16th 14:00 UTC - IDO Closes
No action needed after participation to the IDO.
  • Nov 17th 14:00 UTC - Dutch auction Begins
There will be US$1M worth of $XDEFI tokens allocated to the Dutch auction + any unpurchased tokens during the IDO.
The Dutch auction range will be set as follow: US$4 - US$0.65.
See definition of Dutch Auctions.
  • Nov 18th (TBD) - Tokens can be claimed
Participants will be able to claim their tokens via the Miso interface.
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