XDEFI Wallet
Save Wallet(s)
How to save XDEFI Wallet(s) : 3 different methods

Save your XDEFI Wallet secret phrase / (How do I view my Secret Phrase?)

    From your XDEFI Wallet, click on the Wallet icon (at the bottom of the home screen)
    Select, by using the selector, the wallet whose secret phrase you want to see
    Click on the three ellipses to the right of your selected wallet name
    From the drop-down menu, select "View secret phrase"
    Enter your wallet password

How do I create a .json file?

Possibility #1 : Save all your wallets with their respective accounts in a single file that can be imported during the onboarding process

    From the XDEFI Wallet home screen, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right
    Select Wallet management
    Select now Back up all wallets (XDEFI back up) to save all your wallets and their respective accounts in 1 .json file (xdefi-backup-all.json)
    Enter wallet password (this password will also be needed to decrypt your file)

possibility #2 save only a specific wallet with its respective accounts in a file that can be imported from within the Wallet interface

    Select a wallet
    Click on the wheel icon
    Select Keystore to save only this wallet with its respective accounts in 1 .json file (nameOfYourWallet.json)

Where should I save my secret phrase and my .json file(s)?

There are several reliable solutions for saving your passphrase and .json file.
One of these solutions is to store them in a file generated and encrypted by a password manager, which is stored twice on external offline devices.
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