XDEFI Wallet
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How to save XDEFI Wallet(s) : 3 different methods

Save your XDEFI Wallet secret phrase / How do I view my Secret Phrase?

  • From your XDEFI Wallet, click on the Wallet icon (at the bottom of the home screen)
  • Select, by using the selector, the wallet whose secret phrase you want to see
  • Click on the three ellipses to the right of your selected wallet name
  • From the drop-down menu, select "View secret phrase"
  • Enter your wallet password
  • Confirm

How do I create a .json file?

Possibility #1 : Save all your wallets with their respective accounts in a single file that can be imported during the onboarding process

  • From the XDEFI Wallet home screen, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right
  • Select Wallet management
  • Select now Back up all wallets (XDEFI back up) to save all your wallets and their respective accounts in 1 .json file (xdefi-backup-all.json)
  • Enter wallet password (this password will also be needed to decrypt your file)

Possibility #2 save one specific wallet with its respective accounts in a file that can be imported from within the Wallet interface

  • Select a wallet
  • Click on the wheel icon
  • Select Keystore to save only this wallet with its respective accounts in 1 .json file (nameOfYourWallet.json)

Where should I save my secret phrase and my .json file(s)?

There are several reliable solutions for saving your passphrase and .json file.
One solution is to store them in a file generated and encrypted by a password manager, which is stored twice on external offline devices.