XDEFI Wallet

How do I keep my wallet secure and my money safe?

    Activate the "Autolock" option in the XDEFI Wallet
    Settings (note that it is impossible to connect to any dApp once the wallet is locked)
    Activate the “Require password for transactions” option in the XDEFI Wallet
    Do not disclose your XDEFI Wallet
    password to anyone
    Use a hardware wallet as well to require manual interaction with it when validating transactions
    Keep your hardware wallet PIN and seed phrase secure
    Save your XDEFI Wallet
    secret phrase(s), backup file, keystore file(s), password, and recovery code on an external & offline device that you keep safe
    Encrypt this external device and/or the main file containing all these data
    Do not share any passphrase, backup file, keystore file, password, or code with anyone
    Pay attention to the websites you visit
    Don't send funds randomly

What is the Autolock option?

This option has the effect of locking the XDEFI Wallet
extension in your web browser after a certain period of inactivity.
The wallet password will then be required to re-access your wallets, accounts, and digital assets.

How can I reset my password?

Go to the XDEFI Wallet
Settings and click on :
    Change login password
    Fill in your Current password
    Fill in your New password twice

I’ve been hacked, what should I do?

If you are a victim of fraud or theft, be sure to secure your funds :
    Go to XDEFI Wallet
    Security Settings, select "dApps permission management", Select all, Revoke all access
    Clear your web browser history (All data / Time range : All time)
    Proceed to the analysis of your computer
    Clean/delete any unwanted files on your computer
    Refer to your antivirus software and verify its settings
    Refer to your firewall and double-check its permissions
    Set a new password for your XDEFI Wallet
    by going back to the Settings and selecting the Change login password option
    Enable the Require password for transaction option if it is not already enabled
    Define or redefine the password to access your OS session
    You may want to encrypt your Operating System
    From a legal point of view and for any step, please comply with the legal provisions in force in your country as well as the means at your disposal

If I get hacked, are my crypto assets insured?

Unfortunately not.
You are the only one responsible for your funds.
XDEFI Wallet
is not responsible for your investments or funds.

Do you have a Bug Bounty Program?

We have involved the community in a feedback process in the past.
And we will certainly do it again in the future.
Participants are rewarded, sometimes depending on their participation, with different kinds of giveaways.Join our Discord
community to not miss anything.
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