XDEFI Wallet
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Technical knowledge related to seed phrases, private keys and XDEFI Wallet .json files

What is a secret/seed phrase and how does it work?

. A secret phrase, seed phrase, recovery phrase, seed recovery phrase, or backup seed phrase is a list of 12 words that store all the information needed to regain control of your wallet on-chain
. There is 1 secret phrase to save per wallet (it doesn't matter how many accounts have been created in the wallet).

What's the difference between a secret phrase and a private key?

Answer with a syllogism :
├ A private key is used to spend the funds you hold.
├ Your wallet derives your private key from your secret phrase.
├ A secret phrase is a way to derive your private key.
NB: You will soon be able to extract the private key from your XDEFI Wallet
via a special feature.

What happens if I forget my secret phrase?

If you have lost your secret phrase, you can only restore your wallet via a .json file (backup or keystore) + with its password or recovery code (if you have also lost your XDEFI Wallet

What is a backup file?

A backup file is a global save of 1 wallet and its account(s) or several wallets and their respective account(s).
By default, the file is named xdefi-backup-all.json
If you create or import new wallets, you should create a new backup file/global save.
You are able to use a backup file during the onboarding process (Restore legacy wallet option).

What is a keystore file?

A keystore file is a save of a specific wallet and its account(s).
This file has the name you have defined for your wallet, for example DeFiWallet.json and is importable from within the wallet interfaces.

What happens if I forget the password to decrypt a .json file (backup or keystore)?

If you forget or lose your password, you must restore your wallet using your recovery code or secret phrase.