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How do I view & copy my wallet adresses? / How do I receive Tokens in my XDEFI Wallet

For each of your accounts, you have a specific address for each blockchain supported by XDEFI Wallet
and you just have to click on the Receive button from the home screen then choose the blockchain you want, or to click on the three dots associated to an asset on the home screen to be able to copy your address.
Note that your Polygon
, Avalanche
and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
blockchain addresses are identical to your Ethereum
one (same address but different networks !)

How to see an asset that I HODL or that I gonna buy from the home screen?

Except for native coins which are directly visible from the XDEFI Wallet
home screen, you have to manually add your tokens (except your NFT's which appear automatically in the NFT's interface) :
  • Click on the "+/Add assets" button from your XDEFI Wallet home scren
  • Press “Owned" tab
  • Add/Re-add your tokens
If you have already added the token, a wallet refresh may be necessary.
NB: You can also add the tokens from the tabs :
  • Top: which corresponds to the complete list and offers a search bar
Top tab
  • Custom: where you will have to fill in :
. the Token Contract Address
. the Token Symbol
. the Decimals of Precision
Custom tab
Note: You can delete a token previously added at any time :
. In your XDEFI Wallet
home screen, click on the three ellipses associated with the token
. Select the Delete token option

How do I refresh my balances?

The refresh process is now automatic and continuous (and has been since the end of the beta version of the wallet in October 2021).

How do I send tokens?

The process required to send crypto assets from your XDEFI Wallet
is no different than the standardised process that people involved in blockchain technology are used to, except that we also have some unique features.
  • Click on the Send button at the top of the XDEFI Wallet home screen
  • Select the desired crypto asset
  • Enter the value you wish to send
  • Enter/Paste the Recipient address
  • The data related to the transaction itself, the fees and the transaction speed are automatically set by XDEFI Wallet, you can however modify these manually by making sure of the network requirements and your needs.
Higher fees : highest priority for processing the transaction on the network
  • Send
Note that using a hardware wallet will require the following additional manual interactions with the device:
  • Connect the device to your computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Enter the device's PIN code to unlock it
  • Open the desired and previously downloaded blockchain application
  • Confirmation of the transaction from your device

What is the APE mode

This option saves you from having to guess and manage gas prices when you have to make a transaction as quickly as possible, specifically when you want your transaction to be included in the next block. Now your transaction can be guaranteed 99% of the time with the click of a button and without wasting Gas.

Why is the Max Amount allowable to send less than my Balance?

This is an automatic deduction made by your XDEFI Wallet
in anticipation of the transaction fees required to complete the transaction. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about gas & transaction fees.

Will I pay something more to send or receive tokens using XDEFI Wallet

No, you will not pay any additional fees to receive or send tokens using XDEFI Wallet
, only the transaction fees related to the network (blockchain) you will use, as from any other wallet or exchange.

I sent funds but they are not in the Destination wallet yet

Sometimes funds are not immediately visible and accessible.
It always takes a certain amount of time before they reach their final destination address and are usable.
Consider :
  • The length of time it takes for the transaction to be processed by a centralised exchange
  • The number of transactions possible per second by the network/blockchain used
  • The possible congestion of this network/blockchain
  • Transaction fees manually lowered by the user and therefore implying a lower priority for processing the transaction
Note that you can track your transaction via its ID and an associated blockchain explorer.

What is a TX ID/Hash and how do I find it from XDEFI Wallet ?

The TX Hash, also known as the Transaction ID (TxID), is a unique identifier consisting of a long string of alphanumeric characters designed to identify a specific transaction on the blockchain.
  • From your XDEFI Wallet
    home screen, click on an asset to see the Activity
  • Select a transaction (TX)
  • Copy Hash

About blockchain explorers

A blockchain explorer is a search engine for data (transactions, wallets, crypto assets) related to one or more blockchain networks.
If you scroll down from the previous screen, you will see a View on explorer button, click on it to view your transaction on the associated blockchain explorer (for the Ethereum
blockchain/network, the associated blockchain explorer is Etherscan).

What if my transaction is still pending?

Most often, a pending transaction is the result of network congestion or a manual change in transaction fees involving a low priority.
Soon, you will be able to speed up your transaction from your XDEFI Wallet
NB: It is always a good idea to keep some funds in hand in case you need to speed up a pending transaction.

Can I cancel a transaction (TX) ?

The trick to "cancel" a pending Ethereum transaction is to replace it with another one of almost zero ETH value, with higher gas fees, at any other Ethereum address and with the same nonce as the current transaction.
NB: To learn more about the nonce, check the Frequently Asked Questions
NB: You should soon be able to send to your own Ethereum address with a value of 0 ETH.

Can I rename my wallets and accounts according to the type of transactions I make with them?

Once you have selected one of your wallets, you can rename that wallet or its associated accounts as you wish.
To rename the wallet :
  • From the XDEFI Wallet
    home screen, click on the Wallet icon
  • Select the wallet of your choice
  • Click on the three ellipses to the right of the wallet name
  • Select the Rename wallet option
  • Enter a name
  • Click on the Rename button
To rename a wallet :
  • From the XDEFI Wallet
    home screen, click on the Wallet icon
  • Select the wallet of your choice
  • Click on the three ellipses to the right of the account (that you want to rename) of the wallet that you have selected
  • Select the Rename wallet option
  • Enter a name
  • Click on the Rename button

Can I swap tokens using XDEFI Wallet?

Soon, you’ll be able to execute intra-chain swaps directly from XDEFI Wallet
In the meantime you can use decentralized exchanges) with your XDEFI Wallet.

Can I easily connect another account to a dApp ?

Yes, you can, here is the video tutorial :
Summary of the steps :
  1. 1.
    Select another account via the account selector (at the top of the Home screen)
  2. 2.
    From the Connection panel, click on the 'Connect' button associated to the previously selected account.

What is a cross-chain swap?

Cross-chain swap functionality allows you to exchange two different cryptocurrencies that run on their own blockchain without passing by an intermediary party (e.g. a swap with BTC and RUNE).
THORSwap is famous decentralised exchange allowing cross-swaps.
This feature is also available in your XDEFI Wallet
How to Cross-Swap (XDEFI Wallet feature)

Can I buy crypto using XDEFI Wallet

Yes, you can buy crypto assets using XDEFI Wallet via via third-party Ramp :
  • From the XDEFI Wallet home screen, click on the Send button
  • From a newly opened tab in your web browser, select the crypto asset of your choice
  • Select your country and its associated currency, then the desired amount
  • Fill in your email address
  • Read and agree to Ramp's Terms of Service
  • Read and accept the additional information
  • Confirm your email address by entering the code you received
  • Enter the destination address
In our example, this is the Ethereum address of one of our XDEFI Wallet accounts.
  • Choose your payment method and follow the instructions to confirm your transaction
What are Ramp fees ?
Ramp offers the best fees in the industry
Many on-ramps hide their fees by offering bad rates. Some of them even offer “free” service. Ramp offers the best rates and honest, low fees.
Manual transfer transactions
0.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 0.49% per transactions greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount)
Easy transfer transactions
1.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount)
Credit and debit card transactions
The minimum fee per transaction is 2.49 EUR.
We also apply an additional network processing fee to cover blockchain transaction costs. This fee profits the miners/validators, not Ramp.
Transactions (and certain operations connected to them) will be recorded on blockchain and will require the network fee (i.e. dedicated amount of crypto currency comprising the cost of running operations on the blockchain) to be saved in the chain of blocks. Amount of the network fee paid or types of transactions or activities that require the network fee may vary (the network fee price is adjusted to the current blockchain requirements, and this is beyond our control).
Your bank may charge additional fees for purchases made with a credit card. To avoid these fees, switch to debit card or bank transfer.
Refunds of non-compliant transfers are subject to a handling fee of € 15.
Information available as of 10 January 2022
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